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            Chuangfei Environmental Protection National Day holiday notice
            Autumn years, harvest the fruits in this season of heavy fragrance the day of national celebration create fly...
            2021 Chuangfeig Environmental Protection Industry Group Tea Party
            In mid-July 2021, Chuangfeig Environmental Protection Industry Group under the leadership of General Manager Wu...
            2021 Chuangfeig employees' collective Birthday Party
            In succession red purple has become dust cloth valley sound xia Ling new through the spring yi ushered in a vigorous...
            2021 Chuangfeig "Safety and Environmental Protection Month"
            To deeply implement the "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive treatment" of safety production party...
            Eleven sensory indexes in sewage treatment process
            In the operation process of urban sewage plant, the operation and management personnel through the treatment process...
            Common water quality parameters in swimming pool water treatment system
            Alkalinity and its influence on PH in water treatment system of swimming pool
            A different view of environmentally friendly water treatment
            Maybe a lot of people smell "dirty" color change, think sewage plant is dirty smelly generation name...
            Micro/nano air float system
            The suction inlet of the gas-liquid mixing pump of the micro-nano air floatation system can be used to inhale air under negative pressure.

            Group profile

            Chuangfeig environmental protection is a high-tech environmental protection enterprise integrating environmental protection equipment and technology research and development, engineering design, engineering construction, environmental protection facilities operation and management, equipment manufacturing, after-sales service and environmental consulting. Adhering to the concept of "environmental protection based on technological innovation", after years of unremitting efforts, the company has been recognized as the pioneer of environmental protection technology application of industrial pollution control, involving in the fields of environmental protection: electronics, electric power, chemical industry, medicine, printing and dyeing, paper making, leather, mechanical processing and so on. The main business includes: engineering design, construction and operation management of sewage treatment plant in the park.


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